Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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This retreat was organized by Bishop Andrew Grutka, first Bishop of Gary, Indiana, who was a friend of Archbishop Sheen. Both attended the Secound Vatican Council, and both were from Illinois. He invited his friend Archbishop Sheen to address his priest in an open retreat for priest, religious and laity in 1973.

We are directed and challenged as participants to grow and know our faith's depth and respond to Christ's call.

 "Christendom is dead. We are no longer living in a Christian culture. Christianity is alive. Christianity is Christ, Christ is the Church."  Quote by Archbishop Sheen from this retreat, 1973.

This 16 CD set has talks on: 1-The World and the Church, 2-Christ, Priest and Victim, 3-Sin and Guilt, 4-Kenosist, 5-The Daily Hour, 6-Continuing Incarnation, 7-Continuing Calvary, 8-Zealous Fools for Christ's Sake, 9-The Holy Spirit, 10-The Church, the Body of Christ, 11-Satan and Evil, 12-The Loyal and Traitorous, 13-1-The Women I Love, 13-2-The Women I Love (part 2), 14-Failand Return (Peter), 15-The Mass